July 23, 2024

OMITB: New trailer reveals who died at the end of Season 3

The third season of Only Murders In The Building ended on something of a cliff hanger. We saw a sniper take out what we were lead to believe was Charles, who was left laying on the floor of the apartment as the finale came to an end.

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Most fans were certain that showrunners wouldn’t kill of one of the leading stars of it’s trio heavy shows so they had other theories.

In the trailer for season 4, we learned it was Charle’s stunt double Sazz Patacki played by Jane Lynch, who took the bullet for her friend.

The fourth season takes us to Hollywood with another all star cast, including the return of Meryl Streep, plus Melissa Mccarthy, Eugene Levy, Zach Galifinakis, and Da’vine Joy Randolph (fresh from her Oscar win).

You can watch the trailer below..

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