Succession: The Best Quotes from Shiv Roy

Siobhan Roy. Logan Roy’s daughter, who in four season’s of Succession just couldn’t catch a break. At the end, she ended up married to leader of her deceased father’s empire after failing to win the race herself.

But she had some good lines in the show. Let’s have a look at some of them.

(At a gathering following Logan’s death where she sees two guys laughing)

“Yeah, ha ha, shut the f*** up. It’s not a comedy night”

(About her own mom)

“Ohhh nooo, Scary Poppins is on maneuvers”

(About her brother, Kendall)

“He’s a pathetic little narcassist who puts himself above everything else and then tries to justify it with half a$$ed appeals to the rigors of the market.”

(About her other brother, Roman)

“Your d*** is hanging out. You want me to get you a booster seat while I’m out there?”)

(Smelling Roman’s cologne)

“Whoa, what is that? Date Rape by Calvin Klein?”

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(To Kendall)

“She thinks you’re a dip s*** or maybe you’re too much of a dip s*** to see that.”

(About her own dad)

“He’s out of it. He’s f******* 20 year olds and planning for babies in jars.”

(After Logan tells her to stop “buzzing in my f****** ear!)

“Well, someone is feeling better”

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(In bed with Tom)

“Well, if you can’t ride two horses, you shouldn’t join the circus”

(To Roman)

“Is it true you let the track team finger b*** you for lunch money?”

(To Roman again)

“Poor Rome. His dreams of porking mom slipping through his lubed fingers.

(To Roman… again)

“You love showing your pp to everyone but sooner or later you’re going to actually have to f*** something.”

(To Kendall)

“This is the coolest grown man’s tree house I’ve seen in a while”

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