Yellowstone: The Best Quotes from Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton, the wickedly sharp daughter of John Dutton, who’s vicious rhetoric has had the men and women around her come to fear her very presence, if they’re foolish enough to cross her. And even if they haven’t

She is one of the most verbally bruising characters on television.

Let’s take a look at some of her best zingers..

(Being asked how she stopped someone who abused her)

“My boyfriend put his head through a wall. Then I smashed his head with an eight pound ashtray…New boyfriend. Big a** ashtray.”

“You should start a GoFundMe page. It’s a pickle jar the whole world can reach.”

(Before cutting a check for $9 mill without blinking)

“Everything is for sale, buddy”

(Confronting a sleazy business partner)

“I’m not f***** Dan. I’m f****** her (his wife) and if you got a brother, I’m f****** him.”

(After Ted fails to pick her up at the bar with a bad guess of why she’s in town)

“My turn. You’re in real estate or something equally unimportant. Married. A couple of kids. One on the way. That was your excuse to come out here. Need a break. Work, family life, it’s so demanding. A little fresh air. A little me time. You came alone because none of your friends could afford it, and those that do, they have wives who are a lot smarter than yours, cause let’s be honest Ted, you didn’t come here to fish. You’re hunting. That’s why you’re sitting in a bar instead of standing in a river. I ain’t judging you, buddy. I’m hunting too. I’m just not hunting you. You look like a real soft f***, Ted. All you city boys do.”

(Fending off a takeover)

“When you find yourself standing on the wall of the Alamo, Willa, the outcome has already been decided. The only thing you can do is to kill as much as you can before they kill you.”

“When all of this is over, I’m going to hang your diploma above my toilet in my guest house. You have my word”

(To hotel manager trying to flex on her)

“Miss should only be applied to a woman approaching marrying age which in this era is bull s*** became common vernacular, which is around 13, And since I am clearly beyond that milestone, and I am clearly not married the proper term would be maiden. But if you call me maiden, Alfred, I’m going to stab you in the eye with this f****** fork.”

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(Proposing to Rip with a ring)

“That’s what it means. That you have me and that I’m yours. It means come live your life with me. The only thing I ask is that you outlive me so I never have to live another day without you.”

(After Carter curiously asks her what happened to her face)

“What happened to yours, you insensitive f***?”

(And of course, her dialog with Summer)

“I’m the b**** about to stab you in the stomach.”

“Dad, if you’re gonna hire a hooker, would you please let me get you a good one?”

“I hope you die of a** cancer.”

“I’ll pick you up some doxycyclone while I’m in town. Kill what ever funk your s**** caught in the clink”

“Gator, just give her what we feed he horses.”

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