Michigan legislature should advance veterans mental health initiatives

Michigan State Representative, Will Bruck, announced legislation this week, that would bolster mental health services for veterans in the state.

The initiative would involve standing up the Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, and gather data on mental health and substance abuse issues. It would also set up outreach services for those issues, and establish transition services for Army and Air National Guard members in the state.

These are good policies, and the Michigan legislature should pass them as soon as possible.

At the time of publication, I’m a homeless veteran, and there simply aren’t enough boots on the ground to tackle the mental health and substance abuse problems that trouble a lot of my brothers and sisters.

And you probably already know how important transition services are in preventing these challenges to begin with. The problems for veterans start when we don’t stay on top of their separation from the military. We must be able to receive them when they get out and set them on the right path. If we don’t then things will never improve.

Many states already have similar operations set up, and I know the great veterans of Michigan could certainly benefit from them as well.

This kind of initiative should be lauded. We must be proactive when it comes to stopping the mental health problems that can lead to homelessness, substance abuse, and sadly, suicide.

If you’re from Michigan, give your state lawmakers a call or send an email, and tell them to pass this legislation being sponsored as soon as possible.

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