Absentee Parents Keep Hurting Us Even When We’re Grown

There are fewer tougher breaks when it comes to family than growing up with only one parent. The child moves into the world with an automatic disadvantage for which was certainly not their fault.

While single parents are heroes (I was raised by one), they can’t be everywhere because they understand that they’ve got to do all of the work. Fun activities get missed. Important moments are experienced by the child alone while they watch other kids with their families.

I remember those moments where I could have used my dad, and it fills me with sadness.

But it’s not just the absence of that father or mother while growing up that hurts, the pain also spreads into adulthood as well.

One of the biggest regrets of a single parent child, especially right now as I struggle with veterans homelessness was the wasted potential of an active and caring second parent.

There will be times when I ‘m thinking “Man, I really could have used my Dad then”.

How different things could have been, not only during my current struggles, but with other challenges earlier in my life as well?

What if I had my father advising me when I made the mistake of getting out of the military? Maybe he would have said “You’re good at this son. Stay in.”

Maybe he would have warned me about my second biggest professional mistake with an earlier much more successful blog that I had sold. “Don’t sell that son. You built it. And it’s good.”

I guess I’m only left with the “What ifs”.

As I close this post, I would urge you to seek out as many helpful and loving relationships as possible. That way you won’t be going through the hard times alone like I am.

Dear Readers: Times are tough. You can read more HERE and help out below. Thank you!

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