July 24, 2024

Getting Started In Politics: Your first time knocking on doors

If you can knock on doors and deliver a message directly to the voters, you will always have a place in campaign politics.

It’s where many of us will start, but it’s a craft that everyone needs to know no matter how high they get in politics.

It’s like dribbling in basketball. Catching a fly ball in baseball. Tackling in football. It’s necessary.

And if you learn to love it, you may specialize in it like I did during my time campaigning. I believe in this stuff.

While I’ll eventually write a full on series on door knocking, let’s start with your very first day in the field for your campaign and what you should know.

Let’s get started.

Make sure your trained: A campaign should take some time to train you. At least a couple of minutes. Any operation that doesn’t is committing campaign malpractice, and you should let them know that you’re not sure what to do.

Make sure your phone is charged and the app works properly: Gone are the days of paper walk books. Everything is on your phone through a GPS app that guides you to the doors your supposed to knock on. Make sure you know how it operates. And make sure your phone is charged.

Learn the script and be honest with the voters: Most campaigns will have a script for you to follow and a questionnaire to take with the voters. If they ask you a question you don’t know, tell them the truth. Your a volunteer that believes in this campaign and will get back to them. Keep your cool. If they get mad because they don’t like politics, thank them for their time and move on.

Stay hydrated: Knocking on doors can be hard work. Stay hydrated. Wear comfortable shoes. And take a break if you need it. You can’t help the campaign if you’re hurt.

Remember. The only door that matters is the next one. Have fun!

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