Getting Started In Politics: Your first time calling voters

Welcome back to my series on getting started in politics. I’m giving you a couple of tips on your first days helping out a campaign, and today we’re going to talk about a volunteer effort that reaches a large number of voters in a short amount of time, and can be done from your very own home.

I’m talking about calling voters to discuss your candidate or issues.

Here are just a couple of informative items and helpful tips.

You’ll use either a computer or campaign cellphone: Some campaigns will use a headset on a web browser program that will automatically call the voter for you, and bring up a script and survey for you to read from on the screen. Other operations will give you a campaign cellphone and a list. Either way, just find a groove and you’ll be fine. Try to avoid using your own phone. The campaign should have that covered.

Stick to the script but don’t be a robot: You’ll want to get the main talking points through for sure, but if the voter tries to start a conversation, let them talk and respond with kindness.

Take good notes: While the survey will capture the main data points, if someone volunteers some good information, make a note of it. This is valuable data.

Forget the haters: People can be rude over the phone because you’re not in front of them like you would be at a door step. Put it behind you. You’ll show them when your candidate wins.

Try to do it from an office when possible: A campaign office is a special place. You’ll meet some people and potentially connect with the candidate, and feel like more of a part of the team than you would from home.

You’ll talk to voters on the phone at some point during every campaign. Get good at it, and have fun!

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