Getting Involved In Politics: Speaking At A Public Hearing

The latest in my series on getting involved in local politics has to do with speaking at a public hearing. This is literally having your voice heard in your community, and folks all over the country do it everyday on matter ranging from neighborhood development to education.

Here is what you should do to prepare for your first time speaking at a public hearing…

Prepare written remarks or notes, and rehearse them if needed: When you get good at this stuff, you won’t need anything in front of you, but if it’s your first time, write something down. This will ensure you have a plan and don’t lose your train of thought when talking to the group.

Sign up in advance, show up early, and prepare to stay late: Find out how the speaking rules work at whatever meeting your attending. Make sure you sign up for a slot. And do be sure to show up early so you don’t miss that slot. Sometimes there can be crowds of people signed up to speak, so be ready to stay as late as necessary if you’re at the back of the order.

Speak from the heart and don’t threaten anybody: Do learn to separate your eyes from your words a couple of times. And make eye contact with some of members of the board. While you may be passionate, don’t name call or threaten the members. That’s for the amateurs, and politics can be completely unpredictable. You may find yourself working with this group again.

Regardless of the outcome, stay in the fight: If the vote falls your way, send a thank you email to members of the board. If the vote goes against you, go back to the drawing board and keep fighting. Don’t give up!

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