VA should listen Senator’s call to reconsider hiring cuts

It’s unfathomable to believe that the Department Of Veterans Affairs is considering staffing cuts to its ranks, when veterans all over the country are suffering from mental health issues that have resulted in an increase in suicide numbers, and others like myself continue to struggle with homelessness. But it’s still happening.

One of the lawmakers calling on the VA to reconsider is Maine Senator Angus King who said the following regarding transportation needs of veterans up north. (story HERE)…

“Transportation is really important,” King said. “We are in a large state duel here. I see two of my colleagues, to give you an idea of how tall Maine is, Caribou, which I mentioned, to Portland, Maine, our principal city, Portland, Maine is halfway between Caribou and New York City. It’s a long distance to get to the help that’s there.Maine has one of the highest rates of veterans per capita in the country, another reason King says the state needs more staffing, not less.”

He’s also got the data to back up that the VA should be staffing up. Not staffing down.

And I have to share with you that myself and other homeless veterans are feeling the pain here on the ground. We can only move as fast as the process lets us and right now we’re waiting for claims and to get the other benefits that we earned with our service.”

Call your lawmakers today and tell them that the VA should be bolstering their workforce, not cutting it down when veterans are hurting.

Dear Readers: Things are terrible for me right now. You can read my story HERE and help out below. Thank you.

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