Mall Cop Confessions: Bags shoplifters love to use

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It’s no secret, us mall cops are there to deter shoplifters. And those pesky little thieves just keep getting more clever as the years pass.

One of their number one tools are simple bags. Anything that can help them take things and slip out of the store while being undetected.

That’s what we’re talking about today. The bad kinds of bags of retail. Not the ones that equal big profits for your clients while preserving jobs and your local economy, but bad bags that lead to shrinkage and losses.

Let’s go over a couple…

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The oversized bag: You’ll notice these look suspicious. Why would someone carry an abnormally large empty bag on a walk heavy trip to a shopping center? It’s because it allows them plenty of storage for a big score.

The empty bag from another store: You should alert your clients against giving out empty bags. This is because would be thieves will take those empty bags to other stores and fill them with items while having us believe they purchased them from the original place.

The booster bag: The booster has come to mean a few different things in the 2020s. The wide definition is any bag with special technology used to conceal theft. Some bags are lined with material that can get past detectors. Others have special compartments.

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Retail Security pros should always be wary of these bags. Knowing how to spot them will give you an advantage that will keep these shoplifters away from your clients, and demonstrate an ROI in your services.

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