Mall Cop Confessions: Beware The Lucky Guess Lost and Found

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“Hey! Did anyone turn in a pair of black Oakley sunglasses?”

“Yo! Did anyone turn in a black Iphone?”

“Dude! I lost a priceless vase worth a million dollars?”

The lucky guess lost and found is a favorite of retail scammers. And while it’s rare, and takes some guts to pull off, it’s a completely possible trick. And a favorite of traveling thieves who never have to go back to the scene of the crime.

It works this way. The thief will roll right up to your customer service desk or office and give a vague description of an expensive item like the ones listed at the top of the post. When the employee, or in some places our own guards, go to retrieve the item, they’ll claim it and disappear.

How do you stop it? An organized and detail oriented lost and found.

Your lost and found should have a log. In that log should be details over where the item was found and at what time. If they still want the item ask them for a picture ID and take down their information. Also have them do this in the proximity of a security camera that can get a clear shot of them.

If they get spooked, they may say they left their ID in the car and you’ll never see them again.

Stay vigilant and always be aware of what’s in your lost and found. Just a couple of extra steps can prevent this scheme from ever taking place at your post again.

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