Mall Cop Confessions: Defend the Segway as useful transportation

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Ah yes. The Segway. The signature mode of transportation for the mall cop.

Forget the haters. It’s fun as heck. And it’s a useful tool of transportation

And the role of the Segway or whatever kind of non auto transportation is what I’m talking about today.

There is a philosophy in the security realm that the Segway is to be used as only a tool to deter and that it’s not a real transportation option.

I don’t know who or what we’re trying to deter on that diss magnet.

But, listen. The boss is the boss. And this isn’t a hill to die on for your job by any means. This is because opponents of the Segway as transportation will cite safety. They don’t want you conducting business on it because if you damage person or property, there will be a lawsuit involved. We have to protect the client and the company.

But in an empty store or mall, there is nothing more valuable for getting around. And if you get a call after hours, you should absolutely have the Segway available.

We’re paid to observe. If we’re not where the activity is taking place then there will be nothing there to observe.

And plus, the non auto vehicles are used as legitimate transportation in areas like the airports and convention centers. It’s simply not possible to get around in those places without something that gets you some place faster than your own two feet.

I’m a defender of the Segway/golf cart/trike. It’s a genuinely useful tool that should be used for what it was designed for, transportation.

That purpose might also offset all the grief we take for riding on them.

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