Mall Cop Confessions: Couples make out in the bathrooms all the time

For entertainment purposes

Listen. I get it. I was young once. You meet someone and you just can’t wait to put your hands all over each other. It’s an energy that is truly one of the greatest parts of being alive.

But why these people choose to channel that love into each other in the family bathroom of a shopping center is beyond me.

Yet, it was a problem I ran into at least once a week. And it happened three times when I worked on a Valentines Day night on year.

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There are some strategic love advantages. The family bathroom is big. Sometimes there is actually a separate room aside from the bathroom with an easy chair. And then there are the isolated spaces where mothers can feed their babies.

Yeah, apparently people just can’t wait to get freaky in these places.

And when the couples aren’t in there, its a popular place for people to do drugs.

The bad part is that these couples are actually doing harm to other customers. These family bathrooms exist for a reason. They’re meant for families with small children and special needs customers.

Now, because John and Jane want to “get it on”, these families are left standing outside for long periods of time or have to go somewhere else.

And for my parents reading this post, a lot of the people we catch in these bathrooms are younger.

Tell your kids to be responsible and to take their business somewhere else.

Please don’t get freaky in our bathrooms. Thank you.

Dear Readers: Times are really bad. Please read my story HERE and consider helping out below. Thank you.

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