Mall Cop Confessions: No, you probably can’t vape in the store

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My older readers may remember back in the day when you could smoke anywhere you wanted. You could smoke on airplanes (after the light was on), restaurants had special smoking sections, and it wasn’t uncommon to wonder outside of a hospital and see a group of nurses lighting up.

Now, we’ve got vapes. All of the benefits of nicotine delivery without the drawbacks of cigarettes like smoke and smelly clothes.

But you still can’t do that in our stores.

Listen, I can’t speak for every store. There may still be some territories where they will let you vape but most likely its a no go.

And you shouldn’t do it.

More than a few times, I’ve seen people get kicked out for vaping. You guys think you’re slick. After all, you can hit a vape in just a few seconds and none of that pesky odor will stick around.

And you guys even have the motion down.

But it’s still a no go.

If you’re a guard, you’ve probably got to deal with this about once a week. Of course, keep an eye on the cameras. A lot of vapers just don’t care. Or they’ll cite ignorance when confronted.

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Dealing with vapes is part of the job these days. Make sure you’ve got your orders down when dealing with the problem. This isn’t necessarily new anymore. Most customers should know better.

But just in case they don’t, make sure you’re keeping an eye out for them. Your clients will demand it.

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