Mall Cop Confessions: Don’t ever forget the parking lot

It’s funny. Most of the retail security stuff you’ll see in the news and on the TV shows will take place inside of the shopping center.

But that’s only half the battle. Literally.

The rest of the action takes place in the parking lot. And you could argue that on the day to day, most of the tension takes place right outside your doors.

In the parking lot you’ll see…

Road rage and vehicle collisions. A lot of fender benders too.

Battery jumps (if your company allows it).

Police pulling over drivers on traffic stops.

Skateboarders (more on that in another post)

Drag races and donuts

And the end-all, be-all of parking lot incidences..

Dog in a hot car (definitely more on that in another post).

That’s a lot isn’t it.

The point is that us guards need to be just as versed on what’s going on in the parking lot as we are of what’s going on in the stores.

This is another dimension of retail community and the training of any new officers should include a lot of time in the parking lot.

Then things get more complicated still if there is a security vehicle involved. You’ll then have to learn how to incorporate the vehicle into the work.

If we’re being honest, you always need to have eyes on the parking lot as well, even if you’re on duty by yourself. We’re paid to observe the entirety of the property and bad things can happen if you don’t stick your head outside on a regular basis.

Learn your parking lot!

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