Mall Cop Confession: Dealing with the trash talkers

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We ain’t cops. People, specifically customers in our store aren’t afraid of us, and many of them don’t respect us.

Which means they’re going to talk back to you if they don’t agree with you, even if you’re just enforcing your client’s policies.

Oh, and they’re not afraid to get nasty either. I’ve heard it all.

“F*** you mall cop!”

“You ain’t s*** stupid a** mall cop”

“I”m not going to f****** listen to you!”

“Do you feel powerful in that stupid uniform?” (I don’t)

And that’s the soft stuff. It gets much, much, worse.

So, what do you do?

Not much to be honest. As always, you have to follow your client and company’s rules.

Most of the places I’ve worked for allow you to eject the customer from the store.

“I’m going to have ask you to leave.” you’ll say.

And they’ll just keep on cursing you out. But they’ll need to keep moving towards the doors if they don’t want to get trespassed.

But under no circumstance can you sink down to their level. Exchanging insults with unruly guests will get you in trouble, and it allows them to frame you as the bad guy even if they were in the wrong. It’s happened before.

Plus, professionalism is your friend here. You probably have a good idea how bad these people look when they’re making a scene in your store. The real savvy consumers understand that if they honestly believe they’re right, then they’ll have to take their fight to corporate. And even then, it will be over the dispute in the store.

Forget the trash talkers. Keep your cool. Keep your job.

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