Mall Cop Confessions: When people start filming you on their phone

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Everyone has got a cellphone these days. And we love the cameras on these things. They’ve gotten so sharp that cellphones have done to photographers what AI is doing to writers (and suckers like me who used to be both).

And when it comes to retail security you’re going to find yourself in front of cellphone cameras a lot. And unfortunately, it’s going to be used against you.

It seems the only time people choose to group us into the cops (we’re not cops) is when they believe they’re being done wrong to. Normally, after we’re asking them to leave after they’ve violated our client’s rules on multiple occasions (although that part never seems to be filmed).

When they turn the camera on you, you’re going to above all maintain professionalism.

“Sir, you’re being asked to leave. If you don’t leave, we will have to call the police.” you’ll say.

And that’s all you’re going to say as you keep walking them towards the exit.

If they don’t leave call the police.

The important thing is to not stray from sounding like a professional. Once you lower yourself down to their level on a camera, you’re giving them leverage to make you look like the bad guy.

And that’s wrong. Because they’re the ones breaking the rules.

When they leave, you’ll go to the office and fill out your report to tell the entire story. If you managed to follow your post orders and maintain your professionalism, you’ll be fine.

Cellphones ain’t going nowhere and people will try to use them even when you’re right. Be prepared.

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