July 15, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: Spotting suspicious subjects

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There was a time when I was working on the job, and several locations in my region of the country had been burglarized. We were advised to be mindful of suspicious individuals.

Well some help that was. I was working in a large shopping center. There were people that would just come and want to hang out. We were also near some major sights in the area. There were a lot of people from out of town floating everywhere.

It would be tough to notice anyone that would be casing our place. You can’t exactly walk up to them and ask “Hey! Are you planning on robbing us?”

So, what did I do?

We paid extra attention to our visitors and how they walked around our property.

We notified our clients of the activity in the region and told them to let us know if they saw anyone that was acting unusual.

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And most of all, we stepped up our patrols. We had received an extra tip that some of the other locations had some suspicious visitors hanging out around closing time. We worked extra hard around that time to talk to as many people as possible and to secure our locations properly. We double checked the bathrooms and employee areas. We had our bases covered.

We never got hit.

Thank goodness. That’s perfectly fine with me. The best shifts in retail security are the quiet ones.

This job isn’t easy. The enemy can see us but we can’t always see them. But we have to remain alert enough to make them think twice about stealing from our location.

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