Mall Cop Confessions: How to communicate with the media

This is a funny post for me, because I’ve lived on both sides of the fence on this issue. For years I was credentialed media and dealt with security all of the time. After selling my first blog, I started doing more security work and acted as the gatekeeper.

There is one rule that works both ways. That’s being respectful.

Listen, as a retail security guard very seldom will you be doing more than politely giving out a phone number to your client’s media point of contact.

“Sorry sir, you’ll have to contact this person for help.”

Repeat politely as needed. That’s it.

Most professional reporters already know this and they’ll take the phone number and move on. They might shoot some video or pictures but you’ll already know before hand how close they can get and where they can go.

They may hang out and build a rapport with you. You still can’t tell them anything. Just be cool.

The worst thing you can start doing is speculating or giving out information that you’re not authorized to give out. Keep in mind, we are hired by a client for security. We don’t have the knowledge to be their spokesperson. We don’t know what their operation looks like.

Do or say the wrong thing and you can get fired.

Most of the time, media will call in advance or their presence will be anticipated by the client and you’ll get instructions in advance. Just follow those instructions and you’ll be fine.

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