Mall Cop Confessions: Big Tik Tok Problems

Tik Tok can be fun. You can watch those mini videos for hours and a lot of you do each and every day.

But for retail security officers, Tik Tok is a nightmare. When this app got big a couple of years ago, it automatically made all of our jobs harder.

Why? Because people love to make Tik Tok videos in the mall. And those videos have become major disruptions for those who just want to shop in peace.

Tik Tok is responsible for

Pranks on the elderly.

Choreographed dances in the right of way.

Dangerous viral challenges.

And “Man on the street interviews” meant to embarrass the interviewee.

Let’s be real. If Tik Tok users were meaning well, then they would get permission from store or facility management. But most of them don’t.

Instead, they can be quite disruptive.

Now, some shopping centers have tried to accommodate the craze. They’ve stood up large painted murals in a wide open space that were designed for Tik Tok videos or photos. And they benefit from the videos because their logos on are on that backdrop.

But Tik Tokers don’t want to use them anyway. So, here we are.

My philosophy on Tik Tok is no disruptive conduct. Heck, I can appreciate how powerful it is. I use it.

But when you start getting in the way of other shoppers and those shoppers are complaining to my client, then changes have to be made.

There are plenty of places to enjoy Tik Tok. A shopping center, where people just want to look at products undisturbed is not one of them.

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