Mall Cop Confessions: The Lost Art Of Report Writing

Hey. Call me a nerd. I love report writing.

Maybe it’s because I used to have a news blog, or my position as a struggling writer now. But I appreciate the craft of documenting events using words.

The problem is that a lot of other guards don’t like reports. It’s almost a lost art now.

I can understand the disdain for report writing. It usually means that something bad happened.

But let’s be real. A good report can save your job. It can put a bad guy in jail. It can save your client thousands or even millions.

Reports must be able to withstand scrutiny from any hostile party. Whether that be a lawyer for someone that committed a crime in your store. An ambulance chaser who is trying to cash in on a slip and fall. Or anyone who questions the way an event was handled on your watch.

So how do you learn to love writing reports?

Take notes during the incident: The report writing happens while the incident is taking place. You should be documenting everything. Names. Times. Locations. If you do this, the process becomes much easier.

Take a break before sitting down to write it: Try not to write a report tired. If you have to grab a cup of coffee, then do it. If you’re stressed out, find a quiet spot and take a minute. Gather your thoughts and take some deep breaths.

Let it sit and read it aloud: You should proofread your report for accuracy and any grammar errors. Read it aloud to make sure it makes sense.

Report writing is always going to be a necessary part of the job. Get good at it. It’s always been an aspect of the job that I’ve been proud to do well.

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