Mall Cop Confessions: Lost Children And What To Do

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There are few more serious situations in retail security than a lost child. It’s a “drop everything” situation that demands your full attention.

We’re going to tackle this difficult subject from both angles. The perspective of the parent and the perspective of the child. They both require a high level of sensitivity and listening.

If you’re approached by the parent. Stop everything and listen. Get a full description of the child and the last location you saw him. If you have any other officers on duty with you, call them and ask them to help in the search. Start in the last location of the child and begin your search there. Check your post orders for any special instructions.
When the child is located give the “all clear”. In my experience another customer will call you with the kid.

If approached by the child, it will usually be from another customer or staff member. Reassure the child. They will be scared. Ask them if they know their parent’s name and start the search. Wait in the main stretch of your post and wait for the parent.

Let’s talk about cops. If the parent doesn’t show up in a reasonable amount of time or after closing, then give them a call. If the parent wants to call the police, they can obviously do so at anytime.

You’ll never see a customer more relieved than after that reunion takes place.

Lost children demand our full understanding of security work and customer service. Stay focused and you’ll make sure a family that arrived at your post together will leave together.

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