Mall Cop Confessions: Dog in a hot car

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My goodness. You’ve never seen such a panic than the subject we’re about to talk about.

Not drugs in the bathroom.

Not smoke from a trash can or the smell of smoke from a room.

Not even an ill customer at the front of a store.

Nothing lights up a switchboard or cellphone than a dog seen alone in a hot car.

Now this isn’t discounting the serious of a situation. This dog could very well die if the situation isn’t taken care of.

But goodness, people love dogs and they will actively stop their activities of the day to come and find you.

The first thing I do is to checkout the vehicle to make sure the dog is still there. More often than not, if the dog is in the car then the trip to the store is a short one and by the time you sound the alarm, the owner has already returned.

But sometimes the owner just doesn’t think their pet is that important. Or maybe they have different thoughts about the weather is currently like than other people do.

If you’ve got an intercom then use it. Now, a lot of us don’t want to turn our stores into airports but if the situation looks bad and you call the cops, they’re going to insist you try that first.

After the intercom, if there is no response, then ask the cops to show up and let them take charge. Assist them where you can.

Listen, if you’ve got a dog trapped in a car, you will hear about it. Be prepared for what you’ll do when this eventually happens.

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