Delaware should move quickly to establish Department of Veterans Affairs

Legislation that would create a Department Of Veterans Affairs has been proposed by Delaware lawmakers and we should encourage that lawmakers move quickly to make this a reality (story HERE).

This new department would inherit departments made to help veterans that are currently under the Secretary of State. It would also advocate for veterans at the federal level while taking on other duties such as the veterans homes, veterans cemeteries, and other administrative duties.

Really, I’m surprised this kind of office doesn’t exist in the great state of Delaware already. Our veterans need this kind of organization to tackle issues such as suicide and veterans homelessness, like what I’m currently experiencing.

There are concerns over the price tag. To that I’ll ask this.

What is the cost of not doing everything we can to support our veterans?

Who wants to open up their newspaper and read about another one of our brothers and sisters who has decided to take their life?

Who wants to turn on a television and watch another news story about homeless veterans in a woodline having to suffer through the cold because they can’t find a place to live? That’s been my reality.

I would urge Delaware lawmakers to move on this legislation and to organize for the sake of our bravest. And then lift us all up to become advocates for the cause.

That can be much easier done under a department that is specifically designed to handle the task.

Let’s pass this good policy and help out veterans get stronger today

Dear readers: Times are bad. Please read my story HERE and consider helping out below. Thank you.

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