Saturday Night Live: Gyllenhaal charms on “End of the road” S49 finale

Saturday Night Live has wrapped on another season, and the long running sketch show ended with an impressive line up featuring host Jake Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter.

The cold open was Trump outside of court. While SNL has used the former President as a crutch in the past, this one wasn’t too bad. Gyllenhaal kicking off the finale with a Boyz 2 Men “End of the Road” spoof was just great.

“Dad has a cookie” worked because everyone went all in. Wild stuff. Gyllenhaal brought out the music again for err “Beautiful Girls” and everyone was clearly having a good time. The Xiemu forced labor commercial riffing off of TV fashion ads made me chuckle too.

We’ve seen the guest host phone skit a few times, and SNL pulled it out again with their “cancelled flight” bit. It was a good final roll out of the season 49 cast and got a couple of smiles from me. The Jon Hamm cameo on the character actor skit was fun (And I’m a Judy Greer stan btw). The Snake Eyes bar spot almost had a few actors break but was also pretty silly.

The Scooby Doo skit was uhhh something else… And I will not be forgetting it soon.

Weekend Update closed another solid campaign with Jost and Che having their trademark joke swap. These two have been together a long time, but have only just recently hit their stride over the past couple of years. How much longer will they be together?

SNL went all out for Sabrina Carpenter and her surging fan base and it showed. But there were a lot of people who thought she was lip syncing. Anyhow, she looked great and this will only help her.

All in all season 49 was slightly above average. Beavis and Butthead may have been our high point. Still, this was a great way to end it.

See you for season 50!

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