July 15, 2024

Drops Of God: Hooray! We’re getting season 2!

One show I wish more people would have watched last year, was “Drops of God” on Apple TV. The trilingual drama featuring a deceased wine legend’s fortune being up for grabs with his daughter and his protege facing off in a series of tests, was enjoyable from beginning to finish, with some really great turns in the story and some strong performances. The show was based on a popular manga.

When it was over, I treated it much like a finished glass of fine wine. I walked away satisified and wishing I could have more.

Well myself and other “Drops Of God” fans can rejoice. Apple TV is giving us a season 2.

The write up from Deadline says “In Season 2, Camille and Issei again face a nearly impossible challenge: to uncover the origin of the world’s most wonderful wine, a secret that even Alexandre Léger failed to unlock.” (story HERE).

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Now that’s an interesting story line. Just some quick thoughts. I’ll have more as the show gets closer. If you haven’t watched the show, don’t go any further.

It sounds like we’re getting a Camille and Issei reunion. The half siblings were so good during their time on screen together in the first season that I’m looking forward to more.

We also have to believe that we’ll see more of the supporting cast. Camille doesn’t have her dad’s guide, but she’ll have to tap that powerful resource again. We’ll see more of the supporting cast from last season.

What could the legend be? You’ll recall the final challenge was a riddle “What are the Drops Of God”.

Camille knew that it was simply…. Rain.

You know I”ll be there for season 2. I hope you will be too.

What do you think about Drops of God season 2? Let me know in the comments.

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