July 24, 2024

Let’s do Maggie Q Trivia to celebrate her Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the dynamic Maggie Q. She’s 45 on this day, May 22nd. She’s done some great work, including in the action genre, where a lot of you may recognize her from.

Let’s do some Trivia to celebrate her work!

1. Maggie Q was born in 1979 in this state whose capital is Honolulu.

Answer: Hawaii

2. Maggie had the chance to star in this spy espionage film franchise alongside the Tom Cruise.

Answer: Mission Impossible.

3. Q’s history in action franchises doesn’t stop there. She was also in the Die Hard series alongside this superstar who plays John McLean.

Answer: Bruce Willis

4. But Maggie Q has indeed been the star as well, including in this series which ran on the CW for a couple of seasons.

Answer: Nikita

5. Maggie Q was also in Balls of Fury with Chrisopher Walken, which is centered around this popular game

Answer: Table Tennis or Ping Pong

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6. While its often compared to the Hunger Games, Maggie Q starred in this other young adult action series along side Shailene Woodley.

Answer: Divergent

7. Maggie Q was a part of the cast of this television action suspense series that starred Kiefer Sutherland

Answer: Designate Survivor

8. Early in her career Maggie Q played an extra in this action comedy franchise that starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

Answer: Rush Hour

9. Q had another starring TV role on this FOX show which sadly ran for just one season.

Answer: Pivoting

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10. Maggie Q share a birthday with her Pivoting co star, Ginnfer Goodwin, who played Snow White on this ABC Disney centric show.

Answer: Once Upon A Time.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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