Yellowstone: The Best Quotes from John Dutton

John Dutton, the patriarch and owner of the Yellowstone Ranch. Played so well by Kevin Costner, Dutton is a force of a television character that can be wise, brave, and as stubborn as anyone you’ve ever known.

He’s also had some great lines. Let’s go over a few of them now…

“You owe me a horse, you son of a b****”

“With every winner, there’s a loser.”

(To trespassing tourists)

“You see that fence? That’s mine. You see that fence over there? That’s mine too. Everything on this side of the mountain all the way over here. That’s mine too.

“This is America. We don’t share land here.”

(after being threatened)

“From now on, or else is all you get”

“I consider every option Malcolm. And I choose the one that’s best for my family. If it helps you, it a coincidence.”

“Go on, scream. Scream til whatever wants to make you hurt a child to hurt me leaves you. If there is a heaven. And I sure hope so. This is your last chance to do something that just might get you in.”

“You know, I think about the 10 years or so before I there’s not much for me to do.

(After taking out a bodyguard)

“That’s not a move. I”m just meaner than you.”

(To an enemy biker gang coming to damage his land)

“The man said if you didn’t leave, we’d bury you here. You didn’t leave. We keep our word in this valley. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to dig.”

(After one of the bikers tell John he has children)

“So do I. From what I’ve seen, yours will be better off without you.”

“Repeat what I say. I’m going back to California. Montana doesn’t want me. I’m never coming back. I swear.

(About Beth)

“I don’t think she’s made it through a whole meal since she was 11.”

(To Rip)

“A brand isn’t something you earn it’s something you live up to.”

“In a lot of ways, you’re the only person I can trust, Rip. Because you’re the only person who doesn’t benefit when I’m gone.”

“If you’re joining the family, Rip, could be you please be the one in it that f****** talks to me?”

(To Kayce)

“F*** it? That’s your plan? F*** it? Your logic is so flawed son, it’ almost makes sense.”


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