Final Reflections: No One Is Coming And No One Cares

You may have noticed I’ve changed up some things on the blog. That’s not because things have gotten better in my battle against veterans homelessness.

It’s because no one is coming. And no one really cares.

When I look at my traffic, I’ll get a load of readers for trivia or TV posts. There will be shares. Things can get active here quickly.

But when I write about fear for my personal safety, or losing the roof over my head, then nothing. My past is gone. It’s almost like I never existed. My memories don’t even feel like they belong to me anymore.

What does exist in my life is poverty. And I’m overcome with anxiety as the first of the month approaches and the ship that is my life continues to sink.

While I’m in my hometown now, it doesn’t feel like home anymore. No one calls. No one texts. I’m very much going through this alone.

What is around me are the threats to my recovery, and a system that is overwhelmed with the amount of veterans hurting in the Orlando. There are many good people out there trying to help us, but most of the community partners will just hand you a packet of phone numbers and send you on your way.

If you take one sentence from all of my posts describing my suffering, please know this.

We cannot believe the narrative that veterans in Florida are doing well. There is a large number of us that are hurting. We’re homeless. We’re alone. And many of us will decide that we’re better off not being a part of this world anymore.

I pray things will get better. I’ve been praying for a while now. I’m not sure it’s doing any good.

Dear Readers. Times are bad. Please read my story HERE and consider helping out below. You can write me directly at

Read about my broken recovery HERE

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