The Bear: The Best “Cousin Richie” Jerimovich Quotes

“Cousin Richie”, one of the most relatable characters on “The Bear”. A 45 year old cook who is just trying to find peace, and his identity in the wild world of the culinary industry. We like him because he’s hurt and most definitely flawed. But he’s still trying.

Here are some of his best lines from “The Bear”

(of course we’re leading with this)

“I’m not like this because I’m in Van Halen. I’m in Van Halen because I’m like this.”

(Before the ball breakers tournament holding a gun in front of raucous crowd)

Merry Christmas, lizards Sounds like we got a real problem here. Any you incel, Qanon, 4Chan, Snyder-cut motherfuckers wanna get outta line now?

(On the phone)
“I love you. And Eva, I love Taylor Swift too, I just needed a break, you know?”

(Interviewing Fak)

“F*** your vibe”

“I run a timely ship and I get back to my assistants and cohorts in a timely fashion.”

“Do you have any special skills or abilities, aside from being a f***** stroke?”

(Hyping up Fak at The Bear soft opening)

“I can’t do this…But new world order pal.”

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(With Garrett)

“I can do respect)

(After he wears suits)

“I wear suits now”

“Feels kind of like armor”

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(To Carmy)

“I don’t understand why you just can’t let something good happen to you for once in your f****** life.”

“What kind of a****** puts ketchup on a hotdog?”

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