July 24, 2024

Trivia: Retro NES and Nintendo Games Vol. I

For this trivia post, we’re kicking it all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES), it’s games, and peripherals. This was a fun trivia list to put together and I hope you have a good time with it.

1) This popular platform game featured two dragons, who trap their enemies in bubbles before dispatching them.

Answer: Bubble Bobble

2) Eggplant Wizard was a popular villain on this early NES game title.

Answer: Kid Icarus

3) In Mike Tyson’s Punchout this cowardly pugilist is your first opponent.

Answer: Glass Joe

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4) What color cartridge was the first original Zelda game.

Answer: The cartridge was gold

5) Which power stealing hero has to fight multiple robots before reaching his nemesis Dr. Wiley?

Answer: Mega Man

6) Which popular early football game featured real players including Lawrence Taylor, Joe Montana, and a seemingly unstoppable Bo Jackson.

Answer: Tecmo Bowl

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7) We all know Blades of Steel was a popular hockey game for the NES. Who was the developer who also made Jackal?

Answer: Konami

8) This stealth espionage game featuring Solid Snake spawned a franchise that went on for decades

Answer: Metal Gear

9) This NES accessory is considered one of the most disappointing game peripherals in history and was featured in “The Wizard” and “Eight Bit Christmas”

Answer: The Power Glove

10) This vampire killing game featured Simon Belmont as it’s first protagonist.

Answer: Castlevania

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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