July 15, 2024

Getting Into Politics: Finding Your Own Style Of Communication

We’re all unique communicators. We may pull our styles from certain influences and preferences, but the final product is a little bit of everything we like, with our own signature delivery behind it. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to a crowd of thousands, or having a one on one conversation at the door.

You should try to find your own style of political communication when you get comfortable going to campaign events.

Let’s break down a couple of questions to use as a guide.

What is real about you?: I’ve met some communicators whose voice is a ray of sunshine that wins over voters. They’re positive and can inspire action. There are others that are doom and gloom communicators who provoke actions through urgency. Everyone is different but they pull their best stuff from authenticity.

What are your rhetorical weapons: Will you win over hearts and minds with emotional stories? Will you use facts and numbers to swing the conversation? Perhaps, you’re an expert in your field. It could be a mix of the three. Feel free to use whatever is necessary.

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How will you present yourself?: Depending on your campaign, you might wear a suit or jeans and a polo. Are you a farmer? A builder? A businessperson? Be yourself and be mindful.

Successful political volunteers can create authentic grassroots moments by being themselves and believing in the message they’re promoting.

You just have to determine what tools you’ll use to create those powerful connections. Once you do, not only will you be a better volunteer but you’ll feel even better too.

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