July 24, 2024

Getting Into Politics: Letting The Cause Fuel You

Why are you getting involved in politics? What is your hero origin story? That’s what a lot of the guys in the field call it.

Because getting into politics is a personal decision that was made because of the things that happened in our life.

Me? Poor treatment of veterans. Especially now, with veterans homelessness and suicide numbers on the rise. I had to get involved.

For you it may be education. Or the economy. Maybe it’s immigration or the environment. We all have our reasons that bring us into the fight.

Those reasons are what fuel us.

And we have to let those reasons propel us in our work.

When I get to work on a campaign I walk into that operation with the mindset of victory and when things get bad, I try to remember why I got into this business to begin with.

When I get tired of knocking on doors, I remember.

When attacks are coming at us from all directions, I remember.

And for those battles that I don’t win, I get back up and move on to the next fight.

There have been times when I’ve walked away from politics but I always end up coming back. Why? Because I have to keep pushing forward to what made me get into this field to begin with.

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That’s why volunteering on a campaign is so powerful. That’s why defeat is devastating. And victory is a euphoria not found in too many other places.

Because when we win for our cause, the victory is felt in the deepest parts of our beliefs.

And few things are more satisfying.

Get out there and win some campaigns.

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