Getting Into Politics: The importance of a good walking map

When you go to knock on doors for a campaign, you use an app that gets installed on your phone. We talked about that HERE.

Anywho, you get assigned a walkbook or packet, that is determined by a map of the community where the houses you’re knocking on are located.

How those maps are designed or cut can make a tremendous difference in how your walk goes.

These maps are designed by people on the campaign. It’s important that they take a thoughtful approach to these campaign maps, especially with volunteers. They should be making these maps as easy as possible.

This means as many consecutive houses in a subdivision as possible. If there are five houses on a street, you should be able to hit them in a row. You shouldn’t have to jump over to a street for one house then drive four blocks just to hit another.

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The way thoughtful maps are cut are when campaign personnel examines the voters in your community and picks the houses one by one. This is the only way I cut maps.

Why? Because I’ve walked poorly cut maps, and I know how much of a pain it can be.

Poorly cut maps are basically drag and drop selections with no consideration to where the houses actually are. You may have to cross lakes to get to a stray house to complete your map. That shouldn’t be the case.

If you’re a campaign volunteer, take a look at how the maps are cut and try to encourage efficiency. Efficiency means more conversations. More conversations means more votes and a bigger chance at winning the campaign.

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