Getting Into Politics: Understanding the Door Knocking Apps

You can do anything on your phone these days, even become an elected official.

When you’re getting into politics and you start volunteering, there is no doubt that you’ll be asked to knock on doors. You should do it. I’ve made it my specialty. It’s that important.

When you knock on doors, you’ll have to figure out which voters to talk to and what questions to ask them.

This is where your door knocking apps or “Get Out The Vote” apps will come into play.

The first time you volunteer, you’ll be asked to install an app and create a login. Basically what you do with everything these days. After you do that you can get started.

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You’ll be assigned a walk book/packet. This is the map you’ll be walking that illustrates the houses you’ll be knocking on. When you open up the book, you’ll see a list view. That’s fine, but you’ll want to the map view, which will serve as a compass as you walk to your assigned houses.

When you reach the house, you’ll open up the survey, on the survey you’ll see a script and begin your conversation with the voter. As you ask the questions, you’ll fill them out.

And yes, to ensure you don’t sound like a robot, you’ll want to memorize that script and fill out the survey after the conversation when you improve.

Then you move on to the next house and do it all over again until your book is completed. Make sure you’ve got an energy bank in case your phone runs low on battery.

And that’s pretty much it. Learn your GOTV apps. The faster you do, the quicker you’ll actually be able to enjoy the grassroots campaigning craft even more.

Happy hunting.

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