July 24, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: The Good, The Bad, and The Mall Walkers

Oh, my mall walkers.

They’re a part of any healthy shopping center ecosystem. And there are both some good and bad parts to their presence.

For the uninitiated, mall walkers are a group of people who do just that, they walk in the mall for the sake of exercising and socializing. They’re usually more prevalent in colder weather areas, where they have to go indoors for exercise during brutal winters. Many of them are senior citizens, and they show up as soon as the mall opens, although you’ll get a few in the evening too.

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We’ll start with the good points. They’re extra eyeballs in the mall and will happily narc on anyone who has bad intentions in their sanctuary. They’re also there during off peak hours which is good look for the mall, and if you’ve got coffee tenants, then they’ll give them a good bit of business.

Now, the bad. They’re possessive as hell. You would think the mall belongs to them. They will try to break into the mall early and let others in, and if you open up a minute late, they will light up the phone lines. They complain about the volume of the music. While they do buy coffee, they seldom buy anything else.

But I’m smiling as I’m typing up this post because they are like Thanos in the Avengers, “they’re inevitable”. And your clients will want them around. Most of the time, they’re fine. I could probably count the times they’ve actually cause any serious problems on one hand.

Get to know your mall walkers. Be cool with them, and they’ll be another part of the job that you’ll enjoy.

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