Getting Into Politics: The Campaign Volunteer Bill Of Rights

One thing that saddens me about campaign politics in 2024, is the state of campaign volunteering. It’s just not what it used to be. What was once a fun and rewarding experience of sharing a push towards a common goal, is now getting harder and harder to find.

If you’re volunteering for a campaign, you should be getting some measure of attention from the campaign staff, and defnitely getting what you need to do a good job.

So, I’ve created a campaign volunteer bill of rights of what you should expect from volunteering on a campaign.

The Campaign Volunteer Bill Of Rights

Water always. Food and snacks often: Lets be clear. If a campaign isn’t providing water for it’s volunteers it’s playing a very dangerous game. If a volunteer collapses matters could get very messy. They should also be offering a lunch, donuts, or snacks depending on the schedule.

Training First: If you’ve never worked on a campaign, you should be getting trained. It’s absolutely nuts to expect a volunteer to just pick up and go with no previous experience.

Protection and Safety: The campaign should never ask you to put yourself in a position where you can get hurt. If a house looks unsafe or if there is a no trespassing sign or dangerous dog sign on the property, you should be allowed to skip that home.

Invitations to the fun events too: There is the grunt work in the field that I love and where I thrive. But there is also a rather fun and occasionally fancy event schedule, where you clean up and get to meet other allies of the campaign. If you’re sweating, you should be dressing.

A “Thank You” and occasional facetime with the candidate: If I notice a campaign not thanking their volunteers I hope to goodness they just forgot. You should get a sincere thank you for everything you volunteer for. And depending on the race, you should get a small amount of time with the candidate between events. But not a lot. We’ve still got a race to win.

That is your Campaign Volunteer Bill Of Rights. Hope it helps!

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