Getting Into Politics: When voters bring up negative attacks

There was a time in politics where “going negative” was the last resort for a campaign. It’s true. They actually taught it that way in schools.

Now, it’s almost the first step.

Sadly, this is because negative attacks have been demonstrated to work. And the delivery of these attacks can be quite diverse.

There can be negative mailers. These can land in the mail, while you’re actually talking about the campaign with voters.

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There can be negative internet ads that voters see while looking at photos of their grandchildren on social media.

It’s possible for voters to hear attack ads on the radio during their drive home.

And sadly, it’s possible they will see negative television ads.

The exchange of information between the candidates and voters is called the air war. And it only seems to become bigger business each cycle.

You and I are ground troops. And we often have to talk about what’s going on over our heads.

If you’re prepared, it’s not that big of a problem. Here we go.

Let’s say you’re talking to a voter on the phone during a phone bank and they say “I heard your guy wants to raise social security.”

Now you should have some tools here.

The campaign should have seen this coming and should have crafted a response for you. If they have, use it. And report back to them with how it works. It might be fine or it might need tweaking.

If it’s a blindsided attack, lean on your personal reasons for supporting the candidate say “There are a lot of attack in politics but I’m supporting my guy because…” A, B, C.

And you’ll try to get those voters back on your side.

Negative attacks will take place during the campaign. But if you’re prepared, then you’ll hardly break stride on your path to victory.

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