July 24, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: Treat Your Tenants Like Royalty

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What was my favorite part of being a mall cop? That’s easy. It was the tenants.

They were my friends. I enjoyed seeing them every day. When the days are good, you’ll spend a lot of time getting to know all of them and building important relationships with them.

If you’re becoming a mall cop for the first time, I’ve got some valuable advice for you.

Be good to your tenants.

The tenants pay your client. The client pays your employer. Your employer pays you.

It all starts with the tenants. You are the knights protecting the kingdom and the nobles.

And I’ll tell you that being good to your tenants will pay you back ten times over.

Good tenants won’t just see you as help. They’ll see you as co workers, and when they see trouble on the horizon, they’ll begin observing for you and giving you a stronger picture of what to expect when you head out on the call.

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You won’t know how valuable this is, until it starts happening. It’s absolutely awesome. And they will back you up against aggressive individuals (of course they should never incite violence) but it will put pressure on the offender.

A great relationship with your tenants is a force multiplier. You want to be approachable and you want to treat them like co workers. When you do this, you’re cultivating a relatioship where everyone benefits from a safer and more secure shopping center.

Treat your tenants like royalty. And you’ll learn to love your post and be an even better security officer.

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