July 24, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: Getting a good description of the subject

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Being a mall cop is an incredible job. But there some things that make the job frustrating.

Such as getting a call about a suspicious person and trying to get a good description only to come up empty.

Many of your tenants will be so busy watching what the subject is doing, that they’ll forget to remember what he actually looks like. This means that you won’t have the information needed to locate him if he starts causing troubles elsewhere.

The best course of action here is to work with your tenants to train them to take a good description of the subject.

What are they wearing?

Did they have any tattoos?

What kind of bag were they carrying?

Did they have any facial hair?

Did they have any notable accessories?

Who were they with?

If you saw them outside, what kind of car were they driving?

Did you get a license plate?

Which direction did they go?

And these questions can go on and on.

Descriptions are important because we won’t always have access to a camera feed. And we certainly won’t have a video to embed on our reports. We need a good and thorough description. Especially if the subject does something illegal and the law has to get involved.

When you do track down the subject, immediately start documenting his description. Because this also works in reverse. He may do something wrong after you leave him and you may have to pass on his information to the police. This is important stuff.

You’re paid to observe and report. Especially when it comes to suspicious individuals. Let’s make sure we’re doing it right.

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