July 24, 2024

RIP Bill Walton: Here are some of his best quotes

The world of sports and television has a larger than life personality that could always make us laugh.

Of course, I’m talking about Bill Walton, who passed away at 71 this week after a battle with cancer.

Walton didn’t play by the rules when he was on television and we all benefited from it. He said whatever he felt like saying and enjoyed everyone’s company. He could make any game must watch TV.

Here are some of his best quotes…


“I’m not a very good catcher. I’m much better at getting high than getting low.”

(During a broadcast)

“The moon. Still up there as bright as can be. *Howls like a wolf*

(Watching the Oregon Ducks play)


(On a broadcast with a plant)

“Now this can be eaten. It can be burned as fuel. Used as decoration in your house.

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(With a bat in the commentary box)

“When they bring that high, hard one in, I stand in and lean back, and just bammm, and it sails away. Out through the universe like a ray a radio wave that goes past Saturn and Jupiter, Pluto, through the black hole, and into many other galaxies yet named.

(A random fact about a player)

“He’s the inventor of the instant noodle and thank you. And I love my noodles.”

(After Stephen Curry steals the ball and scores at the buzzer)

“That is Mozart. That is vision. That is nimble. Dexterity.

(Later with Steph and Kevin Durant)

“Mozart. Steve Jobs. Together.”

(Wearing a lei)

“It can’t get any better than this. I just got leid”

(While a graphic of the Sistine Chapel plays)

“This is the day we admire Michael Angelo. He died this day in 1564. Thank you Michael Angelo.”

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(Talking about Raekwon Miller)

“How many guys named Raekwon do you know? He was named by his older brother, Andre, who is eleven years older and he was named after Raekwon the chef, the guy from Wu-Tang Clan. A pioneer. A fiery presence out there. And the greatest hip hop group ever.”

(Every Jason Kidd clip)

“Jason Kidd and his crystal green eyes. Those eyes are quite unique. Eyes that never have to look at the ball”

(Hugging a tree)

“I love big leaf maples”

RIP Mr. Walton. You will be missed.

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