July 24, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: Street Racing And Parking Lot Donuts

I’ll tell you something. Everyone wants to be a Fast and Furious character these days. And they have no idea how dangerous that stuff is when you try to make it a reality.

And it becomes a problem for retail security officers like you and me when they decide they want to do it in our parking lots.

Many of you may already have seen this stuff. The mall is closed, there is a wide open parking lot, and these knuckleheads want to try and drag race through it.

Then you have those who want to do donuts in your parking lot, which can actually do a lot of damage that can cause your clients money. If they’re doing it in the snow, it can still cause problems.

When you spot these cars, get their plates, a description of the driver if possible, and call the cops. They’re probably just kids trying to have some dumb fun, but this is why you have to stop it.

They could lose control and get killed on mall property. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they could kill an innocent bystander and their family. They could crash into your building or a parked car and cause thousands in damage. If it happens late at night, there is also a chance they could be drinking. They need to be taken off of the road.

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This is a safety issue, you must take action to prevent anyone from getting hurt. If you let it slide, you may read about a tragedy in the paper the next morning, and you don’t want that on your conscious.

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