July 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Annette Benning! Let’s do some trivia!

Annette Bening turns 66 today on May 29th, and she’s had an awesome career stretching back decades that probably includes a favorite movie or two of yours.

Let’s do some trivia to celebrate her career and life!

Here we go!

1) Bening starred as a real estate pro married to Kevin Spacey as they both teeter on sanity in this 1999 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Answer: American Beauty

2) Annette played an environmental lobbyist who finds herself dating the President of the United States in this film that also featured Michael Douglas.

Answer: An American President

3) Bening starred in the 1991 mobster flick, “Bugsy” with her husband who is this Dick Tracy actor.

Answer: Warren Beatty

4) Annette Bening is one of the many superstars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she played the Supreme Intelligence in this film opposite Brie Larson.

Answer: Captain Marvel

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5) Annette played a suffering wife who has to help Harrison Ford recover from a bullet to the head in this 91′ Drama

Answer: Regarding Henry

6) Like many other superstars, Bening had an appearance on this 80s action drama that starred Don Johnson.

Answer: Miami Vice

7) Annette was in this 1996 sci-fi that also starred Jack Nicholson as a President trying to fend off an invasion of little green aliens.

Answer: Mars Attacks

8) “The Siege” didn’t live up to expectations despite a cast that include Bening, Bruce Willis and this “Training Day” multiple time Academy Award Winner.

Answer: Denzel Washington

9) Annette Bening nabbed an Oscar nomination for this 1990 film that also starred John Cusack

Answer: The Grifters

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10) Bening was born in this Topeka, which is the capital of this state.

Answer: Kansas

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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