July 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Riley Keough! Let’s Do Some Trivia!

Happy Birthday Riley Keough! It’s her birthday on this day, May 29th. And not only is she racking up a big resume on the big screen, but she’s also got a lineage that can’t be ignored.

Let’s do some trivia to celebrate!

1) Riley is the granddaughter to this “Viva Las Vegas” Rock and Roll icon who is one of the most influential artists of all time?

Answer: Elvis Pressley

2) Keough recently starred in this musical Amazon Prime show that had fans calling for liver performances from its band.

Answer: Daisy Jones and The Six

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3) Riley starred in this unforgettable 2020 movie involving prostitution and exotic dancing.

Answer: Zola

4) Keough starred in “The Lodge” where she shared the screen with this “Clueless” actress.

Answer: Alicia Silverstone

5) Riley was part of this both critical and box office successful, post apocalyptic outing that also starred Charlize Theron.

Answer: Mad Max: Fury Road

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6) Keough had a part in this male stripper movie franchise that starred Channing Tatum.

Answer: Magic Mike

7) Riley acted in this former CW show that was very loosely based on the Archie comics.

Answer: Riverdale

8) Keough’s mom is of course Priscilla Pressley, who did some acting on her own in this comedy franchise opposite Lesley Nielsen.

Answer: The Naked Gun

9) Riley played in American Honey opposite of this Transformers actor who also starred in Disturbia and Even Stevens.

Answer: Shia LaBouf

10) Finally, Keough shared the screen in “Logan Lucky” with this “No Time To Die” actor in one of his non James Bond roles.

Answer: Daniel Craig

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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