Succession: Best Logan Roy Quotes

Logan Roy, the cold and powerful patriarch of the the Roy empire, who is sick and tired of waiting for one of his kids to step up and be the kind of leader he wants them to be.

But it was his frustration that gave us some of the best quotes from “Succession” and Brian Cox played him to perfection.

Let’s take a look at some of the quotes now..

(Walking in the house)

“Open the doors. It smells like the cheese munger died and left his d*** in the brie”

(To Kendall)

“You’re not a killer. You’ve got to be a killer. But. Maybe now these days, you don’t. I don’t know.”

“No one goes sniffing around my panties)

(Rallying his newsroom)

“I’m going to build something faster, lighter, meaner, wilder. And I’m going to do it with you lot! You’re f***** pirates!”

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(To all of his kids after a failed coup)

“You’re playing toy f****** soldiers. Go ahead. F*** off! I have you beat! You f***** morons!”

(To his kids again)

“You’re not serious people”

(To Roman)

“You come for me. With love? You bust in here, guns in hand, and now you’ve found they’ve turned to f***** sausages. You talk about love?”

“Romulus, when you laugh, do it at the same volume as everybody else. We didn’t get you from a hyena farm.”

“So what is it son? Are you scare of p***?”

(During a business negotiation)

“Would you like to hear my favorite passage from Shakespeare? Take the f****** money.”

(To Kendall)

“I know you’ve read a lot of books about business management and this and that. But you know what? Sometimes it is a big d*** competition.”

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(after Tom eats his chicken in defiance)

“He ate my f******* chicken. So, what’s next. Stick his c*** in my potato salad?”

(To Shiv)

“You’re marrying a man who is beneath me because you’re afraid of being betrayed. You’re a f******* coward.”

(At a team huddle)

“You’re selling me things I want at a fair price? What’s next f******?”

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(To Hugo after hearing ‘its difficult)

“Oh, I’m sorry buddy. Would you like a hand *** and an Advil?”

(At dinner)

“Boar on the floor. It’s a game. Over there. In the corner. Stand there. Go, go, go, go, go!”

“That’s about as choreographed as a dog getting f****** on roller skates”

(At a party)

“Why is everybody so f***** happy?”

(watching his own network anchor)

“Who is this lunk anyway? He looks like a ball sack in a toupee.”

(During a takeover attempt)

“Let the minutes reflect Logan told Frank to stick his boot up his mother f***** a**”

(Many times over)

“F*** off!”

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