July 15, 2024

Getting Into Politics: Volunteer for campaigns by texting

Yes, it’s possible to volunteer for a candidate or cause you believe in by doing something many of us couldn’t stop doing if we tried. Texting.

In fact, texting voters has been around for years now, and the interface is so easy that the most inexperienced operatives can do it and experience little to no unpleasantness from rude voters. They can even do it from home.

Texting for campaigns is easy. But you don’t actually use a phone. You need a laptop with a web browser just to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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What you’ll do is log into the program, click on a texting list and start sending out texts to voters. Because of spamming rules you’ll often do this one by one. The texts will fly and the data will come in.

And many people don’t realize this, with these text messages, the campaign can read the replies. That means even if some voters decide to get snarky, there will be someone on the other end reading everything.

There is a good aspect to responsiveness. This is because you can start a conversation with a perspective supporter. If they have a question, you can reply with the response given to you by the campaign. If they have a serious concern, you’ll be able to tag that message and send it up the campaign chain of command.

And it’s just that easy.

I can’t recommend texting enough for people just getting involved. You’re actually making a great difference and it can be quite fun as well.

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