July 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Tom Holland! Here is some trivia to celebrate!

It’s hard to believe that our friendly, neighborhood Spiderman is in his late 20s but here we are. Tom Holland turns 28 on this day, June 1st.

While most of his career is still likely in front of him, I’ve got no problem busting out some trivia to celebrate his work up to this point.

Here we go!

1) How many actual Spiderman titled movies has Tom Holland starred in?

Answer: 3 (Spiderman:Homecoming, Spiderman: Far From Home, Spiderman: No Way Home)

2) In these films, his love interest, MJ, is played by his real life girlfriend. Who is she?

Answer: Zendaya

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3) In what film does Tom Holland make his Spiderman debut

Answer: Captain America: Civil War

4) In Spiderman: No Way Home, Holland shares the screen with Benedict Cumberbatch who plays this Soecerer Supreme in the film.

Answer: Doctor Strange

5) Holland and Cumberbatch also worked together in this non comic book movie film about the development of electricity.

Answer: The Current War

6) Although only providing a voice, Tom Holland also works with Robert Downey Jr. in this non Marvel project about this doctor can talk to animals.

Answer: Doctor Dolittle

7) While not as popular as other Pixar movies, Holland provided the voice for Ian Lightfoot in this pandemic era film.

Answer: Onward

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8) Holland took the role of Nathan Drake in this adaptation of a popular video game.

Answer: Uncharted

9) Tom Holland stars in Chaos Walking with this actress who plays Rey in the Star Wars films.

Answer: Daisey Ridley

10) Holland also stars with Bill Skarsgard in The Devil All The Time, much different than his work playing Pennywise the killer clown in this Stephen King horror classic.

Answer: It

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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