What’s On TV Tonight 6/9/24: NBA Finals continue, 60 Minutes Presents, UFL Playoffs

It’s Sunday night. And before House Of The Dragon arrives next weekend to dominate the night, the cupboard isn’t exactly bare with the NBA Finals continuing and 60 Minutes rolling into prime time.

Indeed ABC will air game two of the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics defeated the Dallas Mavericks last week to grab an early advantage in the series. It’s early. Let’s see if the Mavs can reverse the momentum.

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CBS will give us 60 Minutes Presents “An American In China” which is solid counter programming to basketball. Then we’ve got reruns of Elsbeth, which this blog will try to cover over the summer before the new season.

FOX will be rolling their United Football League into primetime. It’s good spring football, but with empty stands, it’s a tough watch.

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NBC will get out of the way with a rerun of Password and America’s Got Talent. The CW will go with classic movies again, giving us “I Am Legend” followed by a rerun of The Conners. Will Smith starred in ‘Legend’ and has another Bad Boys movie in theaters this weekend.

On cable, ESPN will give us Sunday Night Baseball featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers against the New York Yankees. Big markets. Big teams.

What will you watch? Let me know in the comments.

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