July 24, 2024

Mall Cop Confessions: Bring on the Employee Body Cameras

Body Cameras? I’m all in favor of them. And I was pleased to hear that retailers like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx were going to start using them (story HERE) on their employees.

If you’re a retail security guard, you should be all in for any kind of cameras to document the illegal activities of the offenders that are responsible for you being there to begin with.

There are even mall cops who wear cameras. Not enough of them if you ask me.

This is the truth. If you’re recording someone, that person is less likely to misbehave. It’s that simple.

And a lot of these offenders have become fearless. They understand that many stores won’t pursue them. And even if we catch up to them, then we have to wait for the real cops to show up before we get some serious measures.

What we’re doing right now is not enough.

There is a training component here and I’m happy to hear about it. That will only make these measures more effective.

And if we’re being even more bullish on this, the best part of these cameras is that they’re going to get us better descriptions. I’ve talked about how important descriptions were before and how employees often get caught up in the moment to note what the offender looks like (story HERE).

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I’ll be supporting this campaign, and I’ll start lobbying for all stores to begin using body cameras. These things work. And it will save the industry millions, and when the industry saves money that means we’re spending less at the register because of criminals that don’t believe in following the rules.

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