The Big Door Prize: S2E1 A New Start Screen

The Big Door Prize has arrived for it’s sophomore season, and the Apple TV comedy/drama picks up right where it left off with the Deerfield community trying to unravel the mystery of the Morpho Machine which tells everyone their “potential”.

We begin with a Hana flashback, where she met Colton before he died, in the last location where the Morpho was also located. But she explains that unlike Deerfield, no one really took it that seriously. Hana does point out that Colton also had Morpho blue dots on his body just like she does, and we learned with the last shot of the first season.

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Back in the present the group tries to decipher what the machine means by “Are you ready for the next stage?”. Ultimately they give up for the night, but it’s not long before the suspense overtakes the group.

During the non Morpho moments, we get more of Giorgio’s new romance, and Beau is actually appointed Sheriff.

But the big development is Dusty and Cass actually following through on last season’s decision to spend time apart. Six weeks to be exact. But they would still be together. Sorta.

As the second season premiere draws to a close, Dusty and Cass discover it’s the theremin touchless instrument that activates the Morpho. When they arrive at the store, Hana and Jacob have already beat them to it. And the music prompts the Morpho to display a new start screen asking for the user to insert their card.

The last shot is Dusty entering his Teacher/Whistler card into the Morpho and flinching before the credits hit.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments.

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